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Designing, developing and manufacturing speciality lubricants for your most demanding engineering challenges.

TSE has decades of experience in manufacturing specialty synthetic lubricants. TSE know-how covers all market segments and regions in the world. Newgate Simms provides technical support, sales and distribution for TSE products in Europe.

TSE product family names are determined by the base oil type or intended application:

  • Tribosyn® 300 Series – PAO based oils and greases.
  • Tribosyn® 400 Series – PAG based oils and greases.
  • Tribosyn® 500 Series – Silicone based oils and greases.
  • Tribosyn® 600 Series – Ester based oils and greases.
  • Tribosyn® 700 Series – CTFE based oils and greases.
  • Tribosyn® 800 Series – PTFE based oils and greases.
  • Tribosyn® 900 Series – Lubricants for in-vacuum tasks.
  • Tribosyn® OC Series – Optical coupling gels and fluids.

TriboScience & Engineering was founded in 2000. Over twenty year later, TSE has helped hundreds of companies improve their device/equipment performance, reliability and reduce warranty claims via their own Tribosyn® brand lubricants. TSE application types are numerous and varied, below is only brief insight into selected product, application technical capabilities..

Designing, developing and manufacturing speciality lubricants for your most demanding engineering challenges.

We often propose off the shelf formulations but where required we formulate based on engineering analysis of your demanding application. An introduction to TSE follows with brief insight into some selected products and applications.


TSE produces high quality synthetic lubricants for chassis, exterior, interior, powertrain, and electrical components. TSE lubricants are engineered to meet the expectations and technical specifications of all automotive applications.

A variety of chemistries utilised for both in-cab/passenger, applications as well as under hood/under bonnet demanding lubrication tasks.

Electrical Connector Grease

Applying a dielectric synthetic connector grease to electrical connectors gives numerous advantages. Connector grease guards against oxidation, fretting corrosion, contact wear and extends connector functional life. The application of a connector grease can ensure equipment reliability and prevent expensive device warranty costs.

The ‘go to’ electrical connector grease in the TSE range is the Tribosyn 330. Dielectric to about 10KV, hydrophobic and the ideal connector/contact grease to improve reliability and extend the functional life of both power and signal connectors of all types, e.g. multi-pin, spade, bullet etc.

Damping Grease

Synthetic damping grease can be a cost effective engineering tool to control the motion, noise and tactile feel of moving parts. Designers and manufacturers use damping greases as an economical way to build fine tolerances into their products.

The Tribosyn 320 range is a colour coded set of six damping grease from which to choose from. The stiffness or viscosity of the range starts at very light, moving up in grades to a very heavy damping, as show by the above graphic/chart showing a simplified illustration of damping effect through the range.

Perfluoropolyether (PFPE) Specialist

Perfluorinatedpolyether oils (PFPE) have some of the best lubrication properties, including extreme wide temperature capability, non-flammability, chemical resistance, non-reactive, low vapour pressure, etc. TSE is at the forefront of this technology, offering several PFPE lubricants.

The Tribosyn 800 Series of lubricants are the products based on PFPE based. Tribosyn 805 is one of the more popular 800 Series, it is a synthetic grease containing PFPE fluid thickened with PTFE; excellent compatibility with plastics and elastomers, 805 has been formulated to provide effective lubrication between sliding surfaces while minimising viscous drag and has a recommended temperature range of -50 to >200 ºC.


General Industry continues to grow globally.  With the demand for more goods to be supplied at a better cost structure, it falls on improved machinery. 

We have been supporting manufacturers to ensure the best lubrication is selected or developed to meet the needs of machines that must run higher temperatures at faster speeds for longer periods of time. 

While we supply many private label products, we also have a commercially available range to assist customers.  We can also produce a product to meet a machine or process demand.

Laboratory Capabilities

The ability to solve problems is reliant on accurate information.  A more capable laboratory can obtain more information from a lubricant sample.  That is why TSE continually improve their ability to resolve problems quickly by continually improving our laboratory.

Analytical methods can determine chemistry, consistency, thermal and oxidative stability, elemental composition, and other information that can be crucial to problem solving in order to help customers solve their component lubricant problems.

President of TSE

Paul A. Bessette is the president of TriboScience & Engineering, Inc. and has been involved with synthetic lubricants for 40 years. TSE was established in 2000.  Since 2005, TSE has gravitated towards manufacturing lubricants for both domestic and foreign customers with an emphasis on perfluorinated polyethers. Paul Bessette spent twenty-four years at Nye Lubricants and three years at Ciba-Geigy. Vice Chairman of NLGI Grease Education Course for ten years. NLGI Fellows Award, Meritorious Service Award, Achievement Award, and Clarence E. Earle Memorial Award and Author’s Award. Associate editor for Tribology, Transaction, Journal of Synthetic Lubricants and peer review for NLGI.

TSE Products On Our Technical Support Website

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TSE products on Our Shop

We sell small containers of a limited number of TSE products at our online shop, which is ideal for customers looking for a trial amount for evaluation or customers that only need small amounts of grease/oil. Such as:

  • Damping grease
  • Electrical connector grease
  • Grease for arcing contacts
  • Conductive grease
  • Gear grease
  • Switch grease


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