Designing, developing and manufacturing speciality lubricants for your most demanding engineering challenges.

Newgate Simms Ltd, UK & European partner.

TSE has decades of global experience in the specialty lubricant market. TSE know-how covers all market segments and regions in the world. Newgate Simms provides technical support, sales and distribution for TSE products in Europe.


Tribosyn® 200 Series

Mineral based oils and greases.


Tribosyn® 300 Series

PAO based oils and greases.


Tribosyn® 400 Series

PAG based oils and greases.


Tribosyn® 500 Series

Silicone based oils and greases.


Tribosyn® 600 Series

Ester based oils and greases.


Tribosyn® 700 Series

CTFE based oils and greases.


Tribosyn® 800 Series

PTFE based oils and greases.


Tribosyn® 900 Series

Oils and greases for in-vacuum applications.


Tribosyn® OC Series

Optical coupling gels and fluids.

Small volumes/containers of damping grease and electrical connector protection grease are available to purchase at our online shop.

TriboScience & Engineering

TriboScience & Engineering was founded in 2000. More than a decade later, TSE has helped hundreds of companies improve their device/equipment performance, reliability and reduce warranty claims via their own Tribosyn® brand lubricants. TSE application types are numerous and varied, below is only brief insight into selected product, application technical capabilities.


A variety of chemistries utilised for both in-cab/passenger, applications as well as under hood/under bonnet demanding lubrication tasks.

PFPE specialists

Extreme temperature capability, non-flammability, chemical resistance, non-reactive, low vapour pressure, TSE is at the forefront of this technology.

Electrical Connector Grease

Lubrication and protection of electrical connectors and contacts, solving problems such as fretting corrosion, water ingress and high insertion forces.


From bearing and chain lubrication through to general industrial, an extensive product portfolio to choose from enables TSE to assist customers from a wide variety of industries.

Damping Grease

A cost effective engineering tool to control the motion, noise and tactile feel of moving parts. Damping grease can also improved the perceived value of a customer operated device.

Laboratory Capabilities

Analytical methods can determine chemistry, consistency, thermal and oxidative stability, elemental composition and other information that can be crucial to problem solving.

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Paul A. Bessette is the president of TriboScience & Engineering, Inc. and has been involved with synthetic lubricants for 40 years. TSE was established in 2000 and initially provided consulting services.  Since 2005, TSE has gravitated towards manufacturing lubricants for both domestic and foreign customers with an emphasis on perfluorinated polyethers. Paul Bessette spent twenty-four years at Nye Lubricants and three years at Ciba-Geigy. Vice Chairman of NLGI Grease Education Course for ten years. NLGI Fellows Award, Meritorious Service Award, Achievement Award, and Clarence E. Earle Memorial Award and Author’s Award. Associate editor for Tribology, Transaction, Journal of Synthetic Lubricants and peer review for NLGI.

Paul Bessette

President, TriboScience & Engineering, Inc.