As recommended by two major automotive manufacturers, the Squeaks and Rattles Kit is used around the world to eliminate unwanted interior trim noise. All those irritating rattle, squeaking, buzzing, creaking and ticking noises can now be dealt with using the comprehensive collection of products enclosed within this kit.

The Squeaks And Rattles KitThe kit compromises:


  • Instruction Insert.
  • Four Antifriction Coatings (one of these products is technically classed as a dry film product but comes under the umbrella of Antifriction Coatings).
  • One Damping Grease.
  • Seven different types of automotive tape, felt and foam with self adhesive backing.
  • Base foam, shaped to hold each product in place.
  • Durable plastic carry case with appropriate labelling – The kit is own branded/white labelled to suit our relevant our customers needs or sold as a ‘Newgate’ branded kit when purchased in small quantities.


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The kit can be purchased as just that, a kit in a sturdy plastic case with products held in individual compartments for easy storage. Kits are now available to be purchased by retail/private customers in addition to our normal dealership/aftermarket customer base via our low volume parts e-commerce website

Squeaks And Rattles Kit1Why is the Squeaks & Rattles Kit used/recommended by at least two automotive manufacturers? They do not have a noise issue with their vehicles but have a drive to improved customer satisfaction and also ensure that their dealerships all over the world are able to source professional standard product to deal with interior trim noise. In addition the kit is embedded as part of the warranty billing process; containment issues are dealt with using products from the kit and the appropriate technical service bulletins are broadcast to the aftermarket to help solve any field issues.

Within the kit there is a product that caters for the treatment of most material combinations found inside a vehicle – leather, vinyl, various plastics, polished wood, rubber, glass and decorative metals.

Squeaks And Rattles Kit2Dealing with vehicle trim interior noise is a tricky affair and cannot be done with just one type of product due to the various material combinations, e.g. Leather on plastic, vinyl on wood, leather on leather etc, rubber on glass etc etc.

The kit brings together specialist antifriction coatings, dry film lubricants and synthetic grease, in addition to the felt, foam and tape that help an automotive technician overcome all the challenges faced by the in the aftermarket.

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