Designed for the automotive industry – a cost-effective range of antifriction coatings and dry film coatings that prevent problems such as noise generation caused by stick-slip motion. These water-based dispersions and gels modify the surfaces of leathers, vinyl, plastics, rubbers, elastomers, and lacquered (coated or painted) metals serving as problem-solvers for applications involving (many different terms, similar issue):


  • Noise, Vibration & Harshness (NVH)
  • Buzz, Squeak & Rattles (BSR)
  • Squeak & Rattles (S&R)
  • Unusual Interior Noise

LIP Antifriction Coatings “Add Quiet To Quality”


LIP Antifriction Coatings is a division of Lederzentrum GmbH for whom Newgate Simms are the global distributor of the LIP product range.

At least one of the LIP range of coatings is found in most middle to upper-range vehicles built today. PEOX antifriction coating for example, is a water-based grease type product that costs a fraction of expensive fluorinated type greases and has quickly found acceptance throughout the car industry.

The dry film coatings and antifriction coatings are supplied in bulk or special pen applicators, which makes the products easy to apply to most surfaces used in the automotive industry.

Long-lasting, high performance range of products. A coating of either surface causing the problem is effective, some coatings appear to penetrate permeable surfaces but in reality the product dries leaving a micro thin layer of solids on the surface of the material – some antifriction coatings are virtually invisible once dry on surfaces such as leather and vinyl upholstery.

Three Key Properties:

  • Excellent adhesion properties
  • Excellent cohesion properties
  • Low coefficient of friction

Specialist Applicators

Available in applicator pens with felt tips and flat ‘wipa’ heads (depending on viscosity of product).

Cost Effective

Water based products that are a cost effective alternative to traditional heavy oil (PFPE) solutions.

Bulk Containers

Larger containers available for high volume/manufacturing production customers.

Product selection guide

Unlike older more expensive products where one product is used for all material combinations, the LIP Antifriction Coatings are optimised for appliation to particular materials/surface types. We appreciate that sometimes it can be process issues that determine which material from the two surfaces causing a noise that is selected for application of a product.

Applicator Pens & Container Types

The product range is available in specialist applicator pens with a variety to tips available to suit the surface to be treated. Larger containers of material are also available for higher volume applications such as 1kg and 10kg containers.

Older formulations of the product range

The LIP product range continues to evolve. There are other products available, some that were developed for a specific application, others that are variants of the products listed above; there are also a number of legacy products that have been superseded. Other products in the range:

  • AC610
  • AC644 – Solvent version of AC644-W
  • AC-F20
  • AC16/961
  • AC16/933
  • AC612/20 – Earlier formulation of AC612/21
  • AC640

Please get in contact using the form at the bottom of this page if interested in any of the products mentioned or have a specific noise issue that you wish to discuss.

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Introducing the Squeaks & Rattles Kit

Intended to support our automotive aftermarket customers.

As recommended by two major automotive manufacturers, the Squeaks and Rattles Kit is used around the world to eliminate unwanted interior trim noise. All those irritating rattle, squeaking, buzzing, creaking and ticking noises can now be dealt with using the comprehensive collection of products enclosed within this kit.

LIP Antifriction Coating Products

Synthetic damping grease

Automotive felt/foam types

Durable plastic case and base foam

Purchasing a Squeaks & Rattles kit

The kit can be purchased as just that, a kit in a sturdy plastic case with products held in individual compartments for easy storage. Kits are now available to be purchased by retail/private customers in addition to our normal dealership/aftermarket customer base via our low volume parts e-commerce website

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