Finn & Fram

Specialising in SMC Production Lines and Choppers for fiberglass and carbon fibre use.

Finn & Fram specialise in Sheet Moulding Compound (SMC) production lines and choppers for fibre glass and carbon fibre; they have been manufacturing machinery for the industry since 1948.

Today Finn & Fram continue to set the pace with machines designed and engineered with leading edge technology. Their fibre glass cutters and SMC machines set the standards of the industry.

A complete turn-key SMC solution is available with specialist designed equipment that is used on a global basis. In addition to new machinery, the sourcing of replacement parts and blades are supported by Newgate Simms.

Glass & Carbon Fibre Chopping

Three models of fibre chopping equipment form the basis of the machinery range; there are variations/modifications available within the range.

  • Model 80 Cutter
  • Model 90 Cutter
  • Extra Wide Cutter

SMC Machines

The most successful SMC producers and moulders know that an important key to their success is consistently high quality sheet moulding compound.

Many of the world’s leading SMC producers are Finn & Fram customers from the beginning. Finn & Fram machines are designed and engineered to provide:

  • Long-life, continuous operation even in demanding operations
  • Simplified operation requiring minimum training
  • Low maintenance and clean up
  • Modular construction for future expansion of functional changes
  • Operational safety

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