Water ingress protection is one of most common reasons for considering the use of a connector lubricant. The ‘go to’ grease in our range for moisture/water protection is Nyogel 760G. It should be noted that we have a range of connector lubricant products available for other connector problems such as fretting corrosion and insertions force reduction so please consider this when researching our range.

Other synthetic connector grease products we have will offer a degree of water resistance but the Nyogel 760G excels by utilising a hydrophobic silica thickener system in the formula to give it excellent water and salt water resistance characteristics; the finished product is helped further by combining the hydrophobic silica with a high quality polyalphaolefin base oil and some ‘secret sauce’ additives which over time has given Nyogel 760G a superb pedigree, earned over 15 years in demanding applications, most notably in the automotive industry.

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