Van Diemen Films has been established for 34 years in the design and manufacture of motion picture lenses using their patented Wireform™ lens drive technology. This mechanical drive system provides very smooth movements with a variable pitch driving the focus unit more quickly at close focus than at the infinity end of the focus movement providing durability in service and resilience under severe conditions of use. These lenses fully cover the Academy format but can also be used with larger frame sizes. The optical design has particularly good performance at close focus distances with resolution and contrast maintained at full aperture.

Cameramen need to rely on their lenses having the smoothest movement possible. Any mechanical glitch can cause extensive and expensive delays on set. The use of the correct damping grease from Nye Lubricants is crucial in maintaining these movements and avoiding any unnecessary servicing or repairs.

Comments by Newgate Simms

Deciding which viscosity of damping grease to use in a lens application is a personal choice, the level of damping required is a subjective matter.  Nye Lubricants have a variety of grease viscosities from which to choose, very light, light, heavy, very heavy and even extreme levels damping grease are available. Find out more about the range at our damping grease overview page.