Newgate Simms Limited

Private company, formed in 1978.

Speciality Chemicals & Synthetic Lubricant sales, Technical Support & Distribution. Separate Contract Packing Division

Originally a distributor of materials & machinery for the composite industry. The product offer has evolved to cover a range of industries such as automotive, aerospace, medical, rubber & plastics.

Old logo

We now mostly sell products from our overseas partner companies and we also have a separate contract packing operation, supporting customer product delivery.

Current logo

Business Information

Based in the UK, operating globally but mostly in Europe. 

  • Company Registration number 517178
  • VAT number GB 203 981 668
  • DUNS number 21 905 9854
  • Account Currencies – GBP, EURO, USD

Our Online Shop

Trial amounts/small containers of most of the products identified on this tech support website can be purchased online, such as..

  • Damping Grease
  • Antifriction Coatings
  • Conductive Grease
  • Squeaks & Rattles Kit
  • Connector Grease
  • Gear Grease
  • Felts & Foams
  • Switch Grease


Technical Support Website

Take a look at our ‘Support Site’ for technical articles, case studies and test videos, mostly on the subject of our synthetic lubricants.. 

  • Product selection guides
  • Automotive articles
  • Electrical connector grease theory
  • Numerous case studies
  • Chemistry insights
  • Testing and data point insight