Newgate Simms

Speciality chemicals and lubricants sales and distribution to a variety of industry sectors. Offering technical support, problem solving advice and product selection assistance to engineering and technical staff.

Space applications

A range of high performance aerospace grade synthetic lubricants utilised in discrete but vital mechanical and electromechanical devices that must operate for extended periods in extreme environments

Automotive applications

High-quality synthetic lubricants for electrical systems, interior components, powertrain, steering, and suspension. Also water based antifriction coatings for a cost effective way to eliminate interior trim noise.

Vacuum and Cleanroom applications

Chemically stable, non-toxic, low vapour pressure, synthetic lubricants designed for high-vacuum and cleanroom environments

Medical applications

Synthetic lubricants designed for use in medical devices and deliverables

Industrial and MRO applications

Synthetic lubricants for high performance industrial applications such as bearings, gears, slides, ball & lead screws
Synthetic speciality lubricants - Newgate Simms

A global leader in the innovation, formulation and provision of synthetic lubricants, enabling and improving breakthrough products and critical new technologies.

Synthetic speciality lubricants - Newgate Simms

A manufacturer of organic peroxides for the plastics manufacturing and processing industry, specialising in tailor-made peroxide formulations.

Synthetic speciality lubricants - Newgate Simms

A range of water based antifriction coatings and dry film lubricants designed for the prevention and elimination of automotive interior trim noise.

Synthetic speciality lubricants - Newgate Simms

A range of fluorine coatings suitable for niche applications to enable water/moisture resistance, oil repellency, acid protection, anti-fouling/anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection and low friction dry lubrication.

Synthetic speciality lubricants - Newgate Simms

High performance release agents specially formulated to provide low surface energy surfaces facilitating production processes such as general moulding and mandrel extraction.

Synthetic speciality lubricants - Newgate Simms

Specialising in SMC Production Lines and Choppers for fibreglass and carbon fibre. Manufacturing SMC Machines in all sizes, from small manual units to automated high production plants.

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Newgate Simms
Broughton Mills Road
United Kingdom

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Newgate Simms
Amicus Business Park
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Automotive S&R kit

 Our automotive aftermarket Squeaks & Rattles Kit helps dealerships all over the world deal with interior trim noise problems

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 Popular products from the Nye Lubricants and LIP Antifriction Coatings range are available to buy online in small containers

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Motorcycle Ride by Wire Throttle Damping-Case Study

A modern motorcycle ride by wire throttle (sometimes called ‘drive by wire’) refers to the absence of mechanical linkage between the accelerator and throttle. Older and conventional motorcycle throttles utilise a cable twist grip with considerably more friction in the...

Amplifier volume knob control case study-Damping grease

Yamaha DSP series amplifiers can be purchased second hand online at low cost. Older models have a common problem with the volume control because the volume control knob movement often does not correlate correctly with the dB level readout on the VFD screen reading....

Introduction to how a grease is formulated

What constitutes a grease? There are three main components that make a grease, base oil, thickener and an additive package. Making a grease is thought to be like extreme cooking. We created an infographic to explain: This and other interesting articles can be found at...

Rifle Scopes Online Case Study-Damping Grease

Rifle Scopes Online offer a wide variety of high quality rifle scopes, rifle sights and ACOG scopes. The proprietor of the business is very experienced and considered improving the scope mechanisms of some products, helping with motion control and tactile feel of the...

Watling JCB Case Study-Connector Grease

Watling JCB sell new and used JCB excavators, loaders and other JCB construction machinery. Service engineers were experiencing water ingress issues on the engine to chassis harness connector (known as the interconnect), the resulting corrosion of the connector pins...

Confirmation of stand number at the IZB 2018 show in Wolfsburg

Looking forward to exhibiting at the IZB automotive suppliers show in Wolfsburg, Germany again in 2018. We will be in Hall 6 on stand 6224 with our colleagues from Nye Lubricants. The event is 16 to 18...

Electrical connector grease water resistance test with Nyogel 760G

Water ingress protection is one of most common reasons for considering the use of a connector lubricant. The ‘go to’ grease in our range for moisture/water protection is Nyogel 760G. It should be noted that we have a range of connector lubricant products available for...

Electrical connector lubricant contact resistance test

Take a look at our new video demonstrating that connector lubricants from Nye Lubricants do not cause increased contact resistance across electrical/electronic terminals/connectors. In this example the Nyogel 760G grease was used but there are a range of products...

New version of the Antifriction Coatings website

We are delighted to announce that the new version of our Antifriction Coatings website is now live. The refreshed look should make the product range easier to read and we are sure it will help get the product range noticed by more automotive...

Exhibiting at IZB 2018, Wolfsburg

We are pleased to announce that we will be exhibiting at the IZB automotive international suppliers fair in Wolfsburg, German from 16 to 18 October 2018. We will be exhibiting under the Nye Lubricants name. The International Suppliers Fair (IZB) is aimed at all...