New hire and new office in Poland

Newgate Simms are delighted to announce the expansion of their business development team with the recruitment of a Magdalena Turalska and the opening of a new office in Toruń, Poland. Magdalena’s technical knowledge and business experience will be vital as we expand the Nye Lubricants customer base in Central and Eastern Europe. “I am very happy to join the team at this exciting time of growth for the Nye Lubricants range in Europe,” stated Magdalena.

Based from the Polish office, Magdalena will use the combined engineering knowledge of Newgate Simms/Nye Lubricants to solve the toughest challenges using our synthetic lubricant technology to add value to customer devices/products across a broad spectrum of industries and applications.

New damping grease viscosity comparison video

We have a new video showing a damping grease viscosity comparison demonstration using products from the Nye Lubricants range. Damping grease is used to control motion and noise in engineering applications. Also a damping grease is an ideal way to improve the tactile feel of customer operated controls, such as switches, knobs, dials etc. Also shown below are the German and Polish versions of the video. Enjoy!

Lift Off for Nye and Lockheed

Find out how our partners at Nye Lubricants have been helping Lockheed Martin with their high definition satellite cameras…

Lockheed Martin, a leading designer and manufacturer in the Aerospace industry, was launching a new generation of high definition satellite cameras. Lockheed wanted to use Nye’s Rheolube® 2000 and Rheolube® 2004 products to lubricate bearings in the satellite camera, but needed to decrease the outgassing rate of both greases. Find out more –

Grease Testing – Dropping Point explanation

Our good friends and partners at Nye Lubricants performs a vast array of tests in-house on our lubricants.  A full complement of laboratory equipment enables them and us to complete qualification testing to ensure design and performance requirements of your application are met.

Dropping Point is also known as ASTM Method D-2265. The dropping point of a grease is the temperature at which it passes from a semi-solid to a liquid state. The dropping point test determines the cohesiveness of the oil and thickener of a grease. Dropping point tests are used for quality control to verify that the soap structure has been formed correctly and will withstand high temperatures.

The technician monitors the entire test apparatus as it is slowly heated in order to ensure that the heater block temperature and the sample temperature remain within 3°C of each other. As the temperature increases in the test apparatus, a drop of oil will fall from the cup to the bottom of the test tube at the temperature at which the thickener can no longer hold the oil. When this occurs, the technician will record both the sample and heater block temperatures on the thermometers to the nearest degree.

To calculate the dropping point of the grease, the recorded temperature of your sample is subtracted from the heater block temperature. And that value is added to the sample temperature to determine the Dropping Point.

A Dropping Point is most often performed on any soap-thickened grease. Soap thickened greases consist of simple and complex soaps. Soap-thickened greases are most often used in bearing applications in the automotive, industrial and aerospace industries.

Controlling motion with a damping grease – a demonstration

Here is a video demonstrating how motion can be controlled with the use of a damping grease. A damping grease is an engineering design tool for free motion control and noise reduction. A damping grease can also be a cost effective way to achieve a “quality” feel when customer operated controls are used and enable fine tuning by hand in most mechanical and electromechanical devices.

Small/trial volumes of damping grease can be purchased at our online shop –

New look on our Automotive brochures from Nye Lubricants

All Nye Automotive Brochures have been updated…they are shiny and new. Check out the new design and learn more about our high-quality synthetic lubricants for electrical systems, interior, exterior, powertrain & chassis components. Take a look at the links below to download each brochure (all open in new tab):

An example:




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