The Contralube range consists of two state of the art contact gels were originally designed for use on electrical/electronic connections, contacts and terminals.



The two products deal with different challenges. Contralube 770 is considered more versatile and is aimed at most electrical/electronic and data connectors (multi-pin, spade, bullet etc). Contralube 880 is more of a specialist product and is used where there arcing occurs across contact surfaces or where very high voltages or very high power is involved. Contralube 770 is actually a clear gel that turns blue when exposed to UV light (to assist with quality control) and Contralube 880 is a green coloured gel; read on to find out more about these two superb products.



Contralube 770 is a state of the art, synthetic hydrocarbon gel that is ideal for the protection of electrical, electronic, data connections (analogue or digital) and contact areas/surfaces. Originally designed as a electrical contact and connector gel Contralube 770 can be used for in a wide variety of applications.

Contralube 770 is classed as a grease but looks like a clear hair gel. It has excellent ‘stay-in-place’ properties and will resist being blasted away by water (rain or spray). Contralube will consistently out perform the competition. Contralube does not contain any silicone. There are situations where a general purpose smelly spray lubricant (you know the brands we are on about) is not the best substance for the job at hand – you need a more permanent solution. Oils too can be very messy so on many occasions contralube is the ideal tool to lubricate and protect your parts/components.




Typical applications for Contralube 770 are:

  • Multipin Connectors – Electronic & Data Connections
  • Electro/Mechanical & Terminals
  • Vehicle Electrics
  • CCTV & Audio Visual Equipment
  • Communications & Radio Controlled Equipment
  • Any metal on metal contact area

Contralube 770 will protect your terminations from moisture, corrosion, dust, rust, vibration damage etc.  Amazingly it doesn’t affect the current/voltage or degrade the quality of the signal – no more intermittent circuitry problems or gremlins in your equipment.

Features & Benefits of Contralube 770:

  • State of the art formula – does not cause circuit impedance or affect data signal quality if applied between two contact metal or in a connector.
  • Weatherproofs connectors/connections – both water and salt water resistant.
  • Prevents oxidation of metals – extends life of contacts/connectors.
  • Halts vibration (fretting) corrosion – ideal preventative maintenance solution.
  • Dielectric product – cannot introduce faults if mis-applied (breakdown voltage is 10kV).
  • Synthetic product – does not evaporate.
  • UV dye included – aids inspection when applied in thin layers.
  • Does not contain silicone.

Contralube770PDSTake a look at the Contralube 770 Product Data Sheet (click on the image to the left to open the PDF – opens in new tab).

The product is available is different container types and can be purchased online using our shop – or find out more about Contralube at the dedicated website




Contralube 880 is a green gel that is primarily used as a contact surface lubricant and protector on high voltage and/or arcing contacts, circuit breakers and disconnects.

Contralube 880 is used to prevent contact wear, corrosion and the build up of carbon deposits from arcing that can form a resistive layer which leads to overheating and a possible fire hazard.

When arcing occurs across electrical contacts, the temperatures reached are sufficient to degrade any organic molecule and so a lubricant’s ability to burn cleanly is a definite advantage; Contralube 880 is designed with a specialist formulation that burns away cleanly under arcing conditions, leaving no carbon deposits on the contact surface.





Typical applications for Contralube 880 are:

  • Power Distribution/Switchboards, Circuit Breakers & Disconnects
  • High Voltage Electrical Substation Contacts
  • Power Infrastructure/Distribution Equipment
  • Contacts Encountered By High Voltage Electricians

Features & Benefits of Contralube 880:

  • State of the art formula – no circuit impedance when applied between contacts.
  • Burns cleanly when exposed to arcing conditions leaving no carbon deposits.
  • Prevents oxidation and contact wear – extends life of contact surface.
  • Water and UV resistant.
  • Synthetic product – does not evaporate.
  • Proven success on power substation electrical contacts up to 400kV.
  • Does not contain silicone.

Contralube880PDSTake a look at the Contralube 880 Product Data Sheet (click on the image to the left to open the PDF – opens in new tab).

The product is available can be purchased online using our shop – or find out more about Contralube at the dedicated website

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