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    Exclusive Nye Lubricants partner for sales/distribution and technical support for Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Ireland, Luxembourg, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Switzerland and the United Kingdom.

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Newgate Simms are a distributor of speciality chemicals and lubricants to a variety of industry sectors. Offering technical support, problem solving advice and product selection assistance to engineering and technical staff. Working with industry partners, Newgate Simms help customers improve products and devices. Here are some of the industry partners we work with...

Nye Lubricants

Nye Lubricants is a leader in the innovation, formulation and provision of synthetic lubricants, enabling and improving breakthrough products and critical new technologies.

Pergan - The Peroxide Company

A manufacturer of organic peroxides for the plastics manufacturing and processing industry, specialising in tailor-made peroxide formulations.

LIP Antifriction Coatings

 Used globally by the automotive OEM's and their suppliers, a range of water based coatings designed for the prevention of interior trim noise issues.

Fluoro Technology

Fluoro Technology manufacture a range of fluorine coatings are suitable for niche applications to enable water/moisture resistance, oil repellency, acid protection, anti-fouling/anti-fingerprint, anti-reflection and low friction dry lubrication.

Specialising in SMC Production Lines and Choppers for fibreglass and carbon fibre. Manufacturing SMC Machines in all sizes, from small manual units to automated high production plants


Lubko Rubber Release Agents

High performance release agents specially formulated to provide low surface energy surfaces facilitating production processes such as general moulding and mandrel extraction.

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Our automotive aftermarket Squeaks & Rattles Kit, helps dealerships all over the world deal with interior trim noise problems.
Contract packing services offered, supporting our product offer and as a separate service - filling, hand packing assembly.
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Did you know that small volumes/small containers of much of our Nye Lubricants and LIP Antifriction Coating products can be purchased online. Payment can be made with Credit/Debit Card or PayPal at shop.newgatesimms.com

Reading this while our office is closed? Take a look at our support website where there are a host of technical articles and details on some of the products we offer at our support website support.newgatesimms.com

Please note that our office hours are Monday to Thursday 0800 to 1645, Friday 0800 to 1230 (UK time). We do not work weekends - yippee!!

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